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    31 Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That Are As Practical As They Are Gorgeous

    Beautiful furniture can be surprisingly functional, too.

    1. A multipurpose coat rack so you can effortlessly organize your stuff after a long day of adulting. Say goodbye to those plastic hooks behind your bedroom door — your door doesn't need that baggage.

    coat rack in picture with shoes, bag, coat, and hat.

    2. A two-tier gold coffee table that'll add a posh vibe to your living room. You can store cute items on the bottom shelf or your can hide candy from you family there, your choice.

    gold table with books and vases

    3. A solid wood end table with intertwined sticks to give your home a unique rustic touch without having to cut down a tree.

    brown side table

    4. A nest-style cat bed that is comfortable and stylish for the days your cat is in a shmood — nine lives also means nine attitudes.

    cat bed with metal frame  and cotton cushion

    5. An asymmetrical bench to add a modern vibe to your entryway.

    neutral wood finish metal base bench

    6. A sleek modern Novogratz sofa bed that can ~recline~ in three positions. Yes, there is a position for each part of your day — sit to study, lounge so that you can Netflix and chill, and lay down to sleep.

    blue coach black metal legs

    7. A chic textured accent chest with three deep drawers where you can practically store anything — even those Amazon boxes that you are trying to hide.

    rectangular chest with textured drawers

    8. A wooden tree bookcase that'll add a unique look to your living room. The shelves can hold books and other things....except your baggage, your hand, or hold you accountable.

    Reviewer's picture of the bookcase tree

    9. A Kelly Clarkson desk chair, because you're the boss and deserve to give orders in style.

    Tufted office chair

    10. A floating wooden TV stand that'll add a modern illusion to your room while giving you extra room for storage — don't blame me if the remote *magically* disappears.

    brown tv stand

    11. A Novogratz metal canopy bed sure to turn your basic bedroom into something bougie and sophisticated — plus you need to get your beauty sleep in style.

    gold bed in room

    12. A metal-framed, chic coffee table set that stack on top of each other for saving you room without compromising your baddie style. Don't worry, your wallet will be happy.

    Reviewer's picture of the stacked gold and glass table

    13. A metal day bed with a trundle for your BFF staying the night, or a place to lay your chips.

    gold bed in room with metal frame

    14. A glamorous metal drink cart with a gold modern design that's perfect to display your most prized possessions. This cart keeps your things in one organized spot — it also can keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    Reviewer's picture of the two-tier gold and mirrored bar cart

    15. A pair of modern velvet armchairs to give your room that '80s glam feel without your grandma trying to steal your furniture.

    Reviewer's green velvet armchairs with gold chairs

    16. A super chic desk with a faux marble finish that'll totally encourage you to take pics while you are working. Show everyone you are more productive than they will ever know.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble desk with gold pin legs

    17. A wooden shoe cabinet with 24 storage units so you can find your shoes faster instead of *tripping* over not finding them.

    brown cabinet for shoes

    18. An indoor hanging hammock for that lonely corner in your office or bedroom. Just hop on the swing and suddenly you're relaxing, and reminiscing about the days you were a kid — perfect for the days you need to destress.

    black swing in room

    19. A round, textured pouf that can be used for eating, sleeping, meditating or *for* showing off your laid back style.

    yellow round textured poof on the floor

    20. A metal garment rack with two wire shelves and one wire basket to organize your fresh laundry. Picking out of the laundry basket is overrated, anyway.

    gold wire shelf with storage and wheels

    21. A minimalistic, modern bar stool that can be adjusted up or down since not everyone is on the same level.

    white leather bar stools

    22. An upholstered storage bin — a great statement piece you can store anything in.

    The black bench with metal studs on the bottom

    23. A leather lounge chair that you can lay on during nap time so that you don't have to mess up your perfectly made bed.

    brown lounging chair

    24. A set of All Modern dining room chairs to add a subtle classic touch to any style home.

    white chairs with silver legs

    25. An eclectic accent chest made from Baltic birch and engineered wood that will add personality and storage space to your room.

    chest with blue artwork

    26. An eye-catching leather sofa sure to make your life more comfortable, and to show your friends that you don't spend all your money on food.

    camel colored sofa

    27. An arched metal frame crib with decorative ball casting so your baby will high have standards and won't take crap as an adult. I can't guarantee longer naps though.

    gold crib

    28. A two-tier glass end table that'll give your decor a new home or your guests a place for their plates.

    glass and gold side table

    29. A mid-century nightstand with metal hairpin legs to add just enough humble style to your bedside without compromising your ego.

    nighstand black legs and a light wood finish

    30. A potted olive tree, because your green thumb is on vacation but you still want to flex. You can still keep it real and have a faux plant.

    olive tree with pot

    31. A sophisticated walnut dining set that comes with four gray straight table chairs sure to save you time on shopping, so you can spend more time hosting.

    gray chairs with walnut table

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