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15 Struggles Every Muslim Will Go Through During Ramadan As Told By "Four Lions"

When you have nothing to eat for iftar except for a sim card...

1. When your newly reformed religious mates start telling you how you need to to pray.

2. When your uncle comes for Iftar and decides to tell you about the impending apocalypse.

3. Speaking of which, here's Imran, the local drug dealer who'll spend this whole month dropping Hadiths.

4. And when Imran tells you that listening to Kanye West is haraam during Ramadan.

5. When you take on Imran's advice to set up a Dawah stall on the local high street.

6. When your mates decide to go to Nando's for Iftar and all you've been craving is Chicken Cottage.

7. When that same well meaning colleague keeps asking whether "you can at least drink" while you're fasting.

8. When you try to stay awake by washing your face, but are in perpetual fear of accidentally drinking water.

9. When you're at a Qu'ran reading circle and someone interprets a chapter incorrectly.

10. When the late night discussions about religion go dark. Like, really dark.

11. When your mum tells you she's run out of your favourite post-Iftar snack.

12. When it's Suhoor and the only thing you've got at home are rice cakes and water.

13. When it's two hours before Iftar, you're hallucinating and have mistaken a kebab shop for heaven.

14. When that post-Iftar feeling finally kicks in and you're like...

15. When it's Taraweeh and it's your turn to lead prayers.