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    Yet Another Reason To Mention Britney Spears In The Same Sentence As Elvis And Bob Dylan

    Britney Spears announced Tuesday her eighth studio album would be titled Britney Jean. She is the latest in a long line of artists who have multiple self-titled albums

    Britney revealed the title of her new during an interview on Capital Radio.

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    She said her family always calls her Britney Jeans as a term of endearment and she "wanted to share that with [her] fans." She calls it "a personal album."

    This is her second self-titled album.

    1. Her 2001 album just used her first name.

    Britney, 2001

    Britney Jean, 2013

    Other artists who released multiple self-titled albums include:

    2. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley, 1956

    Elvis, 1956

    Elvis, 1973

    3. Aretha Franklin

    Aretha, 1961

    Aretha, 1980

    Aretha, 1986

    4. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan, 1962

    Dylan, 1972

    Dylan, 2007

    5. Cher

    Cher, 1966

    Cher, 1987

    1966's Chér had an accent over the "e."

    6. David Bowie

    David Bowie, 1967

    David Bowie, 1969

    7. The Grateful Dead

    The Grateful Dead, 1967

    Grateful Dead, 1971

    8. Santana

    Santana, 1969

    Santana, 1971

    9. Fleetwood Mac

    Fleetwood Mac, 1968

    Fleetwood Mac, 1975

    10. Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin, 1969

    Led Zeppelin II, 1969

    Led Zeppelin III, 1970

    So they did number them, but still.

    11. Chicago

    Chicago has released more than a dozen self-titled albums.

    12. Diana Ross

    Diana Ross, 1970

    Diana Ross, 1976

    13. Peter Gabriel

    Peter Gabriel, 1977

    Peter Gabriel, 1978

    Peter Gabriel, 1980

    1977's Peter Gabriel is commonly known as "Car"; 1978's Peter Gabriel is commonly known as "Scratch"; 1980's Peter Gabriel is commonly known as "Melt." He also released a 1982 album that was originally released as Peter Gabriel, but it was titled Security when it was released in the United States.

    14. Prince

    Prince, 1979

    Love Symbol Album, 1992

    Prince's 1992 album was titled that symbol, but Prince had changed his name to it, so it counts.

    15. Duran Duran

    Duran Duran, 1981

    Duran Duran, 1993

    1993's Duran Duran is commonly known as "The Wedding Album."

    16. Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson, 1982

    janet., 1993

    17. Kylie Minogue

    Kylie, 1988

    Kylie Minogue, 1994

    Kylie Minogue/Impossible Princess, 1997

    1997's Kylie Minogue was originally titled Impossible Princess, but following the death of Princess Diana in August, it was retitled in the UK. A remastered edition with the original title was released in 2003.

    18. Seal

    Seal, 1991

    Seal, 1994

    Seal, 2003

    19. Weezer

    Weezer, 1994

    Weezer, 2001

    Weezer, 2008

    1994's Weezer is commonly known as "The Blue Album"; 2001's Weezer is commonly known as "The Green Album"; 2008's Weezer is commonly known as "The Red Album."

    20. Jimmy Eat World

    Jimmy Eat World, 1994

    Jimmy Eat World, 1998

    Jimmy Eat World/Bleed America, 2001

    2001's Jimmy Eat World was originally titled Bleed America, but following the September 11 terrorist attacks, it was retitled Jimmy Eat World. A deluxe edition with the original title was released in 2008.