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What Christina Aguilera Taught Us About Haters In 2012

She's still a fighter all these years later.

Anyone who thinks Christina Aguilera had a flop of a year is obviously a h8r and not a true lover of music.

Because Xtina is a legend.

It's even rumored her album "Lotus" stands for "Legend of the United States."

Sure, her music this year never really caught on...

(Even though her video had tons of writhing...

...and hair flipping.)

But, let's remember, Xtina was on "The Voice."

Not only was she on "The Voice," she was the main reason anyone watched "The Voice."

She blessed the show with her presence, insight, and wisdom all year long.

And she wore some neat hats.

And fanned herself with some wonderful fans.

She also brought out her boobs.

Xtina's boobs simply took over the world this year.

Even the secretary of state noticed.

And everyone noticed dat ass.

But that's not what's important. It's all about the music.

Xtina had a lot of performances this year. Like when she wore this ridiculous outfit on "The Voice."

And when she sang at a Hurricane Sandy benefit.

And when she sang at Etta James' funeral.

And she also sang at the American Music Awards.

It was an inspirational performance.

That reminded us to love all.

And not listen to the h8rs.

Because, you know, not everyone is going to like you...

But who cares. You do you.

That's what Xtina taught us this year.

Thanks, Xtina!