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    The Complete Guide To Every Kanye West Appearance On "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Ever

    How do you rage against commercialism while dating the woman who personifies it? Stay far away from her show.

    1. Season 7, Episode 9: "Sometimes You Just Need To Adjust: Part 2"

    Aired July 9, 2012

    Kanye comes to the grand opening of Scott's restaurant. He fits in with everyone. Rob asks about Kanye's necklace. Kanye says it's from a friend from Japan and hides it in his shirt, and Kim says she's never been there. Kanye says he'll take her one day.

    2. Season 7, Episode 15: "Kardashian Therapy, Part One"

    Aired August 26, 2012

    Kanye comes over and looks at Kim's closet. He tells her she needs to throw some things out. She objects to throwing out a purse, saying, "Shouldn't I keep this for my daughter one day?" Kim ends up throwing out most of her closet, but it's OK because Kanye's going to get her some new stuff.

    3. Season 7, Episode 18: "Baby, Baby, Baby"

    Aired September 16, 2012.

    Kanye comes to Kourtney's baby shower. Khloe tells Kanye she is happy with his relationship with Kim, saying it's one of the healthiest relationships she's seen her in.

    That's it. The end. Kanye hasn't been on any E! Kardashian shows for nearly a year now.

    In an interview with The New York Times, Kanye said he doesn't have an issue with the show.

    Note: Kanye also appeared in a few episodes of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" before the two were dating where he was described as "a friend."