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33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real

Wake up, America!

1. Obama's 13 candles

2. A dollar bill

3. The Taco Bell logo

4. Lady Gaga's face

5. And everything about her "Bad Romance" video

6. Madonna's headdress

7. This scene from "The Simpsons"

8. The Pope's clothing

9. This Nickelodeon commercial

10. Rihanna's "Umbrella" music video

11. This scene from "Family Guy"

12. Beyoncé

13. Jay-Z

14. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's child

15. The layout of the streets in Washington, D.C.

16. KISS's name

17. The United Nations

18. Eminem

19. These special Pepsi cans

20. President George H.W. Bush

Robert King / Getty Images

21. And his pyramid

22. The MTV Canada office

Darkroom Productions/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: darkroomproductions

23. The London Olympics

24. Everything about Disney

25. LeBron James in this video game

26. LeBron James in real life

27. The Denver airport

28. Taylor Swift's arm

29. Nicki Minaj's boobs

30. This tree

31. These pants

32. Every celebrity ever who has ever taken a picture while covering one eye

33. And the location of these five Outback Steakhouses outside Phoenix, Arizona