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    Fab Or Drab At Superbowl Halftime Shows Through The Years

    They're a chance for music's biggest stars to show off their style. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don't.

    Fab: Prince's bow

    Drab: Mick Jagger's belly shirt

    Fab: Michael Jackson's golden ammo sashes

    Drab: Kid Rock's American flag poncho

    Fab: James Brown's all-red suit

    Drab: These boxes the Black Eyed Peas' backup dancers had to wear.

    Fab: Paul McCartney's stylish sweater

    Drab: Diddy's puffy coat

    Fab: Shania Twain's diamond neck brace

    Drab: Another awful thing the Black Eyed Peas made their backup dancers wear

    Fab: Gwen Stefani's No Doubt belt buckle

    Drab: This shirt Sting wore

    Fab: Slash's studded top hat

    Drab: Usher's turtleneck jacket

    Fab: Madonna's crown

    Drab: Madonna's skirt

    Fab: Literally everything everyone wore in 2001.

    Drab: The Black Eyed Peas in general