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Beanie Baby Investors Guide

Forget stocks, bonds and gold. Invest in Beanie Babies.

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Originally created in 1993 by Ty Inc., Beanie Babies have become major collector's items. There's never been a better time to invest!


Rare: The "Original Nine"

The original Beanie Babies were created before Beaniemania took off, so these babies are rare. A lot of people ripped the tags off (gasp!), not knowing how much money they would be worth. If you find one of these, hold onto it.

Rare: Princess Diana Commemorative Bear

Less than two months after the death of Princess Diana, Ty commissioned a commemorative bear to honor her. Princess the bear was only released for a limited time and all the proceeds Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, but it could be worth a bankload in ten years.

Rare: Garcia the Bear

This psychedelic bear was rumored to be a tribute to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and even had the same birthday as him. The Garcia family filed a lawsuit, and Garcia was quickly retired. Very rare.


Posers will try to sell you counterfeit Beanie Babies. Do not fall for their tricks! Check the tush tag (the name should be in red, not orange), check for misspellings on the tag and above all, remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

And above all, enjoy!

Investing in Beanie Babies can be stressful sometimes. It's an endless hunt for the most prized, long since retired ones, and having to sort through fakes can be a drag, but collecting Beanie Babies should be fun!

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