A Subway Store Accepted The Onion’s Fake 9/11 Coupon

The Onion’s fake coupon offended Subway and its customers, but one store accepted the coupon.

1. The Onion published a story about a fake September 11 promotion at Subway last week.

2. Subway was not amused.

SUBWAY Restaurants


Like everyone, we are deeply offended by the fake story and ad created by The Onion.

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3. Youtube user Travis Northup uploaded a video Thursday where employees at one Subway location accepted the fake coupon.

4. From the video’s description:

I played a prank on my friend and convinced him that The Onion’s satirical 9/11 deal was a real promotion, and when he and my other co-worker (who was in on it) went to grab the food Subway actually honored the promotion. I gave my co-worker a blown up version of the picture that The Onion made for their article and they accepted it. I have a receipt showing a subtotal of $9.11 before taxes. My mind was blown.

5. This was an image of the coupon the guy says he used.

6. And this was the receipt.

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