The Onion Makes Intentionally Offensive 9/11 Subway Ad, Subway Is Offended

Subway didn’t find Subtember 11th funny.

1. The Onion, a satirical site that is no stranger to controversy and pushing the boundaries of taste with its jokes, created a story based on this fake Subway ad.

2. From The Onion:

Citing a wide range of deals customers will “never forget,” fast food chain Subway announced an exciting new promotion this week to honor and commemorate Subtember 11. “With a number of terrific discounts on special sandwiches as well as our classic footlongs, you’ll always remember where you were on Subtember 11.”

3. Subway was less than enthused.

4. Some said they found it in poor taste.

6. And of course the internet was mean to Subway about it too.

@SUBWAY i'm not. i'm offended by how disgusting your weird-ass mini pizzas are. why do you serve those?

— tri_sect (@Tyler Keown)

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