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    21 Terrible Knock-Off Action Figures

    They might not be officially licensed toys, but they're probably a lot cheaper!

    1. Specialman!

    Sure looks special.

    2. Spader-Man!

    He was bitten by a radioactive spader.

    3. Superheroic Man!

    Cool horse, bro.

    4. Super-Hero!

    Batman vs. Spider-Man!?!

    5. Planet Girl!

    But which planet?

    6. Mavel Team Up!

    Two things. 1) You meant "Marvel," right? and 2) Batman and Superman aren't "Marvel." They're not even "Mavel."

    7. Gao Ranger Dino Thunder!

    So confused.

    8. Pocket Monica! Jump-Jupm Chess?

    Monica was always my favorite.

    9. Pet's Little Intelligent Spirit!

    Children: Please Go To Collect The LITTLE SMART SPIRIT! Please.

    10. Robots Spacebot!

    That sword kind of reminds me of a light saber...

    11. Spider-Man!

    Come on enjoy the pleasure together!

    12. Super Heroes!

    You're supposed to collect them all, but they all look the same...

    13. Batichica!

    She looks sad. :(

    14. Space Wars!

    I see what you did there.

    15. Star Raiders!

    Cute bow, btw.

    16. Space Boys!

    The third Space Boys was the best one.

    17. Politic Pat!

    It's something political we can all agree on.

    18. Titanic-Bot Transformable!

    My heart will go on.

    19. Superman Big Alliance!

    Superman isn't actually in the Superman Big Alliance, but Shrek is.

    20. Blandness Girl!


    21. Transformable Tomas!

    Don't mess.