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Was Miley Cyrus The Richard Sherman Of 2013?

Okay. Let's start with saying that Beyonce is an inspiration. A goddess. A gem. But seeing her 2014 Grammy performance really sparked the question: Is Beyonce really that different than Miley? Just for the sake of argument, here we go:

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This is how America sees Miley:

And this is how America sees Beyonce:

But are their performances and public images really THAT different?

Miley's Album Cover:

Beyonce's Album Cover:

Here is one of Miley's latest photo shoots (Cosmo):

One of Beyonce's latest (GQ):

Oh Miley, why are you trying to make smoking cool?

Oh wait, is that you Beyonce?

And what about Miley's crazy outfits?

Oh wait. Those are nipples.

But seriously, what is this Miley?

Well, Queen B, what would Blue think of this video?

But seriously, who wore it better?

Now that's just vulgar Miley!

...but B, you might want a foam finger to cover yourself up a bit...

You prob shouldn't touch him there on TV.

....and Jay, maybe you should save that for home?

But really....some of these dance moves Miley.

Bey, come on, we are rooting for you! But look at this thrust....

Come on girl...can you imagine the view you are giving the world?

Oh...maybe something like that.

In summary, yes, Miley seems to TRY to be trashy and vulgar, but really how different is the outcome when a 21 year old camera-hungry starlet and a 32 year old wife, mother, and international superstar end up VISUALLY appearing quite similar ? Somehow Beyonce makes us believe what she is doing is classy....but, in the end, that says more about us and our values than her.

I guess we can just hope that this 21 year old can improve with age...

kinda like this 21 year old did.

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