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Was Miley Cyrus The Richard Sherman Of 2013?

Okay. Let's start with saying that Beyonce is an inspiration. A goddess. A gem. But seeing her 2014 Grammy performance really sparked the question: Is Beyonce really that different than Miley? Just for the sake of argument, here we go:

skankbb 5 years ago

22 Ways To Know You Have Worked FOH In A Restaurant

Inspired by: Have you worked in the Front of House of a restaurant? Are you still working in the Front of House of a restaurant? Yeah, me too.

skankbb 6 years ago

20 Ways You Know You Ride Public Transportation Too Much

If these pertain to you, you are a train hopping, bus transferring bad ass.... Remember that next time you sit in pee on the train.

skankbb 6 years ago

How To Tell If You Are A Senior Citizen Or A Hipster

If any of the following pertain to you, you are a senior citizen....or a hipster, or, God help us all, both.

skankbb 6 years ago

How Hipster Is Your Favorite Hipster Song?

On a scale from 1 to hipster are these hipster essentials? Pump your speakers and find out.

skankbb 6 years ago

Brand Mascot Yearbook Superlatives

Ever wonder what your favorite (and least favorite) brand mascots would have been like in high school? you go:

skankbb 6 years ago

Misconceptions Of Kids Who Went To Summer Day Camps

So you went to a summer camp when you were a kid. No wonder you're so screwed up. I can't believed you actually believed this $hit.

skankbb 6 years ago

The Imminent Downward Spiral Of Your Summer Camping Trip

So you have decided that you and the gang are going to go on a camping trip.... Some people never learn.

skankbb 6 years ago
skankbb 6 years ago

20 Symptoms Of A Native Burqueño

A checklist for a true 505'er

skankbb 6 years ago