40 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Would Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

Sorry boyfriends, you’re all second to the Late-Night king

2. He’s really adorable

3. He’s in touch with his emotions

4. He tries not to laugh…

5. But he always breaks

Which just adds to the adorableness

6. He can hold his liquor

7. He understands women

8. He’s great with kids

9. He’d genuinely want to know about your day

10. He’s confident

11. But he’s also humble

12. He’d freak out when you would agree to go out with him

13. He would react to your stories perfectly

He took your sandwich out of the fridge even though it was labeled?!?!

15. He’d be obsessed with *insert name here* too

Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran are singing together?!?!

16. He’d push it

17. He’d push it real good

18. He’s passionate

19. He’s got great hair

20. You could dance to Beyoncé together

And you’d totally put a ring on it

21. He loves the holidays

22. He too went through an awkward phase

23. He’s always grateful

24. He and your mom would get along great

25. He’d laugh at all your jokes

26. He’s really cute when he’s angry

And, you know, every other moment in time

27. He’s a good kisser

28. He’d think you were the sexiest person on the planet

29. You could make dirty jokes together

30. Your couple selfies would be killer

Colbert’s got nothing on you

31. He’d protect you

32. He’s punny

33. He could serenade you

Even Selena has to calm herself down

34. He can predict the future

35. He is easy to impersonate

36. But his impressions are killer

37. He’s a great bowler

38. He can be a bad boy

I mean he got the Harrison Ford from Harrison Ford, come on

39. But he’s not an idiot

40. But mostly, we all know exactly how he would react to this

And this is so you right now

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