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    25 Times "Community" Was The Funniest Show On Television

    "Shirley, never change...or do if you want. I'm not your boss."

    1. When Troy gave Abed an all tomato:

    2. That time Britta completely owned Jeff:

    3. When Annie didn't have a pregnancy test:

    4. That time Troy got punched in the face:

    5. When Annie and Jeff were not going to kiss:

    6. When Shirley understood it wasn't Christmas:

    7. When Troy parked by a parking meter:

    8. When Jeff auditioned for Real World:

    9. That time they were in a space simulator:

    10. When Troy didn't know how to play Yahtzee:

    11. The time Chang wanted them to leave:

    12. That time Shirley didn't find anything weird in a book:

    13. When Britta Brittad Troy's analogy:

    14. That time the dean was there for Annie:

    15. When Troy had to get the pizza:

    16. That time Britta checked Jeff's ego:

    17. When Troy thought about being a doughnut:

    18. That time the Dean wanted sass:

    19. When Pierce just did not understand glee:

    20. When Annie was easily offended:

    21. When Troy said goodbye to Shirley:

    22. That time the dean called an operator:

    23. The time Troy was 10 for two years:

    24. When Annie wanted a drink:

    25. And, of course, Friends Weekly:

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