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20 Incredible TV Show Kisses You'll Never Forget

So many confessions of love.

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1. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

2. Topanga and Cory, Boy Meets World

3. Blair and Chuck, Gossip Girl

4. Jo and Alex, Grey's Anatomy


5. Iris and Barry, The Flash

6. Amy and Jake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

7. Annie and Jeff, Community

8. Blaine and Kurt, Glee


9. Penny and Leonard, The Big Bang Theory

10. Mary and Matthew, Downton Abbey

11. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin

12. Jess and Nick, New Girl


13. Felicity and Oliver, Arrow

14. Alisha and Simon, Misfits

15. Kira and Scott, Teen Wolf

16. Summer and Seth, The O.C.


17. Juliet and Shawn, Psych

18. Amy and Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

19. Rachel and Ross, Friends

20. And of course, Rory and Jess, Gilmore Girls

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