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    20 Things Only Virgins Will Understand

    No, I'm not tying to save you.

    1. Honestly, you understand very little about the logistics.

    2. And what you do understand sounds kinda gross.

    3. Often people assume they know everything about you just because you haven't had sex.

    4. If you meet another virgin, you two have a little moment.

    5. Telling somebody you fancy them is always super nerve-wracking and awkward.

    6. Somehow, everyone around you seems to be doing it.

    7. ALL THE TIME.

    8. You get called a prude on a daily basis.

    9. People feel entitled to know why EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.

    10. For some reason, many non-virgins think you want to, like, save them or something.

    11. Or that you severely judge them for having had sex.

    12. You hate it when somebody asks how far you've gone.

    13. "Huh, you don't look like a virgin."

    14. Your virginity automatically eliminates 2/5 of possible romantic partners because the other 3/5 aren't cool with it.

    15. You've been designated as the "innocent" and "young" one in your friend group.

    16. Sometimes your purity gets you down.

    17. Even though you're happy with your choices.

    18. And at the end of the day, you know it doesn't really matter.

    19. Because a virgin is not all that you are...

    20. ...It is simply an awesome little bit about you.

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