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    19 Reasons Why "A Very Potter Musical" Is Timeless

    Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.

    1. It asks the important questions.

    2. Draco is played by the amazing Lauren Lopez.

    3. There's some pre-Glee Darren Criss.

    4. Dumbledore doesn't give a crap.

    5. The entrances are killer.

    6. Ginny is a total fangirl.

    7. Dramione is perfectly portrayed.

    8. Voldemort is sexy as hell.

    9. Zefron is absolutely perfect, too.

    10. Pigfarts is real.

    11. Hermione is wonderfully assertive.

    12. Draco rolls everywhere.

    13. Voldemort and Quirrell are the best couple.

    14. Harry knows he's cool.

    15. The kissing is super uncomfortable.

    16. Cedric is a douche.

    17. Voldemort can dance again.

    18. Ron is always eating.

    "Maybe you'll just have to fight like Mushu from Mulan or something..."

    "Accio double stuff!"

    19. And, finally, It's totally awesome.