20 Gifs That Perfectly Show Hellish Middle School

Thank God no one still calls you four eyes

1. You expected your first kiss to be like this:

2. But it ended up being more like this:

3. Those girls were grade-A bitches

4. But pretended to love you when they needed something

OH MY GOD! I love your skirt! Where did you get it?

5. The nicknames were just awful

6. In your head, you were the best dancer around

7. But you actually had negative rhythm

9. If you were a girl:

10. Running into teachers seemed to happen all the time

11. You thought you looked like this:

12. But you really looked like this:

Just so very awkward

13. This became your motto in life:

15. Your school told everyone:

16. But in reality:

17. Having a crush was amazing/terrifying

18. But actually talking to them?!?!

I’m good just staring at your face

19. Almost all your friends turned on you

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