19 Reasons Olive Penderghast From “Easy A” Is Who We Should Aspire To Be

This is where the magic happens. And as we all know, by “magic” I mean “nothing.”

1. Olive is totally self-assured.

Screen Gems / Via muffflirto.tumblr.com

2. She doesn’t put up with any crap.

Screen Gems / Via giphy.com

3. She’s honest with herself.

Screen Gems / Via fanpop.com

4. She’s the queen of sass.

5. She’s a performer.

Screen Gems / Via hypable.com

6. Olive says what everyone’s thinking.

Screen Gems / Via okmoviequotes.com

7. She has a great relationship with her mom.

Screen Gems / Via okmoviequotes.com

8. She’s not ashamed of rumors about her.

Screen Gems / Via stephenell.tumblr.com

9. Olive loves food as much as we do.

Screen Gems / Via clairey92.tumblr.com

10. She knows her worth.

Screen Gems / Via if-youcantsleep.tumblr.com

11. She speaks the truth.

Screen Gems / Via okmoviequotes.com

12. Olive has great taste. Seriously.

Screen Gems / Via giphy.com

13. She walks straight into the fire without flinching.

Screen Gems / Via gifsanimes.fr

14. She stays strong.

Screen Gems / Via xoxsda.tumblr.com

15. Teenage struggles? Yeah, Olive understands.

Screen Gems / Via degrassi.wikia.com

16. She asks the important questions.

Screen Gems / Via okmoviequotes.com

17. Olive doesn’t let her emotions take over her life.

Screen Gems / Via giphy.com

18. She’s self-depricating.

Screen Gems / Via favim.com

19. And finally, Olive sure knows how to diss.

We love you, Olive.

Screen Gems / Via moviefancentral.com

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