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17 Signs Your Obsession With Ellen DeGeneres May Be A Problem

Everybody loves Ellen, right?

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1. You've read all three of her books at least twice.

Warner Bros. / Via

2. Finding Nemo is by far your favorite Disney movie.

The CW / Via

3. From experience, you know the blonde pixie cut doesn't work on you.

New Line Cinema / Via

4. You've photoshopped your face into the Oscar selfie countless times.

NBC / Via

5. "Know Or Go" and "Heads Up" are your favorite apps.

Marvel Studios / Via

6. You've fanticized about your entry music countless times.

7. You actually watched Season 9 of American Idol.

Nickelodeon / Via

8. Covergirl is your favorite makeup brand.

9. Photobombing and Dance Daring are like a second language for you.

NBC / Via

10. Being a co-host is your biggest aspiration.

Jive / Via

11. You know her executive producer, Andy, is a God.

The CW / Via

12. Her style is now your style.

13. Ellen is your favorite sitcom of all time.

14. When you found out about Finding Dory, you cried for days.

Summit Entertainment / Via

15. And, of course, you try to dance like she does and fail miserably.

NBC / Via

16. A lot.

Nickelodeon / Via

17. As in every waking minute.

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