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    15 Reasons Rory Williams From "Doctor Who" Is Actually Prince Charming

    Assuming he's actually alive at this point.

    1. He would think of you first.

    2. He has amazing friends.

    3. He isn't afraid of anything.

    4. He finds the good in every situation.

    5. He isn't afraid of his emotions.

    6. He can (sort of) ride a motorcycle.

    7. He isn't too up tight.

    8. You would be his future.

    9. He's an awesome hugger.

    10. He doesn't take any passive aggressive crap.

    11. He's the perfect amount of clumsy and cool.

    12. He'd literally guard you for 2,000 years.

    13. He's an awesome fighter.

    14. You would be his rock.

    15. And he can totally kiss like nobody's business.