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15 Reasons Howard Wolowitz Is The Real Star Of "The Big Bang Theory"

Sheldon's got nothing on Howie.

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1. His hip thrusts are amazing.

2. His really weird and sassy phrases.

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3. He embraces his weaknesses.

4. He's got a totally rockin bod.

5. His unbelievably perfect insults.

6. He still can't wrap his head around Sheldon.

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7. His life isn't always as great as it should be.

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8. He's an amazing kisser.

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9. He doesn't deny the facts of the world.

10. He has amazing Halloween costumes.

11. The rest of the gang always trusts him.

12. He knows that some people simply aren't smart enough.

13. He's got ridiculous musical talents.

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14. He is possibly the worst flirt in history.

15. And yet somehow he has the truly perfect person by his side.

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