Just 25 Times Kate McKinnon Absolutely Nailed It On "SNL"

    Her Frances McDormand is outstanding.

    1. When she was more Justin Bieber than actual Justin Bieber.

    Kate McKinnon impersonates Justin Bieber in a Calvin Klein ad and says, "I'm not supposed to drink, but, I do"

    2. When she advertised "NuvaBling."

    Kate McKinnon says, "so wow up that womb"

    3. When she made a cat the star of a sketch.


    4. And then she did it again with her own cat.

    Kate McKinnon holds up glasses to her cat's face, next to a caption that reads, "Dr. Anthony Meow-ci"

    5. Every time she crushed it as Hillary Clinton.

    Kate McKinnon impersonates Hillary Clinton looking at the camera during the first 2016 Presidential debate

    6. And Elizabeth Warren.

    Kate McKinnon, as Elizabeth Warren, says, "I have the energy of a mother of five boys who all play a different sport"

    7. And Angela Merkel.

    Kate McKinnon, as Angela Merkel, says, "Ah, yes, in America you call it the 'alt-right,' in Germany, we call it, 'why Grandpapa lives in Argentina now'"

    8. When she gave us an accurate Fitbit statistic.


    9. When she and Beck Bennett were in the "The U.S. Men's Heterosexual Figure Skating Championship."

    Kate McKinnon pushes off a handsy Beck Bennett while they're both ice skating

    10. When she parodied Martha Stewart on Match.com.

    Kate McKinnon, as Martha Stewart, says, "I joined match.com because I wanted a successful man...for intercourse"

    11. When she, Emma Thompson and Aidy Bryant played TV judges.

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    12. When she impersonated Frances McDormand like this.


    13. When she played Elsa from Frozen very subtly.


    14. When she was the perfect Joy Behar.

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    15. When she played someone auditioning to be a Soul Cycle instructor.

    Kate McKinnon, as a Soul Cycle instructor, says, "I got kicked out of Scientology because I was too lazy"

    16. When she straight-up made out with Gal Gadot.

    17. That time Kellyanne Conway sat on her knees in the Oval Office so Kate McKinnon did it all over the episode.


    18. When she played a scientist who "yanked off" a dolphin.

    Kate McKinnon, as a scientist, looks shocked at a pool while her voiceover says, "Gerald really liked shame"

    19. When she captured Kristen Stewart's vibe exactly.


    20. When she sang about first getting horny to Taylor Hanson.

    Kate McKinnon, dressed as her tween self, stands next to a poster of Taylor Hanson while her older self sings, "And that's how I could tell, that I was gay as hell"

    21. When she parodied Bachelor contestants.

    Kate McKinnon, parodying a Bachelor contestant, says, "Well, I'm from Rest Area, Missouri"

    22. That time she played Ellen DeGeneres as a Bond Girl.

    Kate McKinnon, as Ellen DeGeneres, does stand up on the beach in a full outfit with a bikini on top of it

    23. When she accurately portrayed Zoom meetings.


    24. When she played the Long Island Medium.

    Kate McKinnon, impersonating the Long Island Medium, says, "Okay, your father's showing me like a, like a big pot of sauce"

    25. And finally, when she made Ryan Gosling laugh so hard he almost couldn't get through the sketch.

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