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    So I Just Watched "High School Musical 2" As An Adult, And I Have 24 Very Important Questions

    How much time passes in this movie???

    I recently had a grand old time watching High School Musical as an adult, and I left the movie with a lot of questions. So I decided to watch High School Musical 2 and see what questions arise from the magnificent sequel.

    Let's get started!

    1. How is Jason asleep so quickly after asking Ms. Darbus a question? He wakes up briefly when "What Time Is It?" starts, but he's just asleep immediately.

    Jason asks, "So, what was your favorite summer memory, Ms. Darbus," and then he's quickly asleep

    2. Why does Troy think the T necklace he gives Gabriella is a nice thing to gift? It's sooooo weird and bad. "Here, have my initial right there on you."

    Troy gives Gabriella a T necklace and she asks, "T as in Troy," and he says, "Well, I, yeah"

    3. Troy's ringtone is an instrumental version of "Get'cha Head in the Game." This raises so many questions, but I'll leave it at this starting point: Does he know he sang that song?

    Troy, Chad, Zeke, Jason and Troy's dad are in Troy's kitchen and Troy's phone rings a "Get'cha Head in the Game" remix

    4. Sharpay's license plate just says "Fabulus" and nothing else. No state or anything. How was that allowed?

    The license plate fro Sharpay's pink convertible just says, "Fabulus"

    5. Now we're into "Fabulous." How does Ryan move around so much so speedily?

    Ryan is playing piano, then the next moment he's next to Sharpay

    6. I cannot believe the gall of Troy to request that all of his friends be hired at the country club as well as him. In what world is that a thing in any situation, but especially when he really wants a job?

    Many of Troy's classmates show up at the country club

    7. Why is everyone like "this boss is horrible" when he's only a medium-to-large sized jerk in his tone and his point is completely reasonable?

    Chad says, "Would it be okay if we draw straws to see who has to wait on Sharpay," and the Boss says, "Please, none of you will be waiting on Sharpay, you will be serving Miss Evans"

    8. This is not the first time I've thought about this one. How does Troy physically write "Let's Go" on his pad? He'd have to have written backwards and, as I've now realized for the first time, on the other side of the paper.

    Troy writes "Lets go" both upside down and on the other side of a piece of paper

    9. Why is the pool towel hamper through the kitchen? If Gabriella's choosing to walk that way, come on, Gabriella, think of the germs.

    Gabriella walks through a kitchen with towels and then throws them in a basket

    10. So this is much less pressing than the Troy's Ringtone Conundrum, but why does Troy quote songs from the movies? It makes it seem like they all know the musical numbers happen. None of them look at Troy like, "that was convoluted."

    Troy says, "Maybe we can work this out, but only if we're all in this together"

    11. This university conversation is wild. How many times have Sharpay's dad and his friend done stuff like this that they feel comfortable talking about it so overtly?

    Sharpay's dad says, "You know, between the two of us here, we pull a little weight over at the school"

    12. Okay so, Disney+ has the version of the movie with "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a", a deleted scene from the original. I don't know that I've ever seen this full version. The scene is very disrespectful of cultures that Sharpay and Ryan have no business attempting to essentially imitate. (The images below are only some of it.) Why does Sharpay think this is fine?

    Sharpay sings, "Aloha everybody, my name is Tiki," "I long to free my sweet prince, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a," and says, "Now this is where we lead into the whole Kabuki thing"

    13. Everyone arrives at the idea that Troy spending time with rich people and college basketball players is fundamentally changing who he is as a person so soon... Actually, how much time has passed?

    Gabriella says, "It just doesn't seem like new stuff, it seems like a new Troy," and Chad says, "Come on Zeke, that was so yesterday, you know when we were all on a team"

    14. Did Gabriella plan to ask Ryan to direct the staff's part of the talent show? Because this whole "Ryan will plan our show" thing is out of nowhere. I would hate if that's why she invited him to the classic "I Don't Dance" baseball game.

    Gabriella says, "If we have a real director putting it together, it could be great"

    15. Are you serious, Troy? CHILL.

    Ryan says, "Her mom makes the best brownies in the entire world," and Troy says, "Yeah, I know, I've had them"

    16. Alright, in this scene after Gabriella sings "Gotta Go My Own Way" and breaks up with Troy, Troy uses the phrase "this summer" in a way that sounds like, at minimum, a very substantial part of the season has gone by. But it feels like it's been a week???

    Troy says, "Dad, do I seem different to you this summer"

    17. It's "Bet On It" time. How is this what his reflection looks like? Who knows! Who cares! I love it.

    Troy looks into some water and his reflection is wildly clear

    18. Why is Troy more interested in what his friends think of him than a college scholarship? Troy, you can make up with your friends and get that scholarship.

    Sharpay says, "Troy, Troy, this could change your life," and Troy says," "I'm more interested in about what my friends think of me, and what I think of myself"

    19. RYAN IS WEARING FLIP-FLOPS. He is fully dressed with a freaking blazer and he's wearing flip-flops. In a kitchen. Why is he wearing flip-flops right now?

    A group of people is in the kitchen, including Ryan, who is wearing flip flops

    20. Why does Sharpay have pictures of her "Bop to the Top" audition on her dressing room mirror? These are pictures of her — that someone took, who knows why — auditioning for a part she didn't get. There were also pictures of "Bop to the Top" in the drama department section of the yearbook, which I similarly do not understand.

    The images from "Bop to the Top" on Sharpay's mirror are highlighted

    21. Why are all these people at a country club talent show? You know, they must all just be the parents of the staff. That's so casually sad.

    16 tables of six people

    22. No for real, how did Troy learn all the words to "Everyday" in, like, max 10 minutes? We saw him and Kelsi singing it for a second, and now he knows every word and the whole melody.

    Troy singing, "Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance"

    23. How did Gabriella get her T necklace back? She gave it back to Troy when she broke up with him, and now she miraculously has it again.

    Gabriella wearing her "T" necklace

    24. And finally, in "All for One," they sing, "The summer that we wanted, yeah, we finally got it, now's the time we get to share," / "Our real summer has just begun," / "Summertime together, now we're even closer," and, "This is where our summer really begins." How much time has paaaasseedd????

    "Shoutout to the infamous Miley Cyrus cameo" written next to Miley Cyrus in "All for One"

    I have 40 more questions about this movie (that's actually how many I've edited out because this cannot be that long), but I'll leave it here for now. Godspeed, Wildcats.