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    The 25 Best "Love Island" Contestants Of All Time, Ranked

    If you had told Past Me that I'd be including Toby on this list, I would have laughed in your face.

    Love Island is a neon vortex. Before you know it, the reality dating show has sucked you in with its candy-like storylines and hypnotized you into devoting time and brainpower to watching hot strangers "couple up" for multiple Summer weeks. Well, in my case, it's not limited to Summer, because rewatching and rewatching is how I have chosen to live my life. And you know what? Zero regrets.

    As a passionate fan, I have ranked the 25 best Love Island contestants – or Islanders – of all time. When I say "best," I mean the contestants who caused the greatest amount of entertainment. I'm not saying the people listed below are "better" humans than other Love Island humans, I'm saying they're the Islanders who most helped to make the show so damn good.

    Alright! Let's crack on.

    Stay tuned at the end for some honorable mentions.

    25. Chris (Series 5)

    Chris walking into the villa

    24. Olivia (Series 2)

    Olivia in the Beach Hut

    23. Montana (Series 3)

    Montana smiling

    22. Wes (Series 4)

    Wes slightly smiling

    21. Adam (Series 4)

    Adam talking in the Beach Hut

    20. Dani (Series 4)

    Dani smiling on the terrace

    19. Kady (Series 2)

    Kady in the hideaway holding her hands up

    18. Kaz (Series 7)

    Kaz smiling

    17. Curtis (Series 5)

    Curtis in the heart rate challenge

    16. Jess (Series 1)

    Jess holding a card in the finale that says, Love

    15. Amy (Series 5)

    Amy sitting by the firepit

    14. Michael (Series 5)

    Michael speaking angrily while holding a glass

    13. Shaughna (Series 6)

    Shaughna looking kind of annoyed

    12. Georgia (Series 4)

    Georgia looking upset

    11. Tommy (Series 5)

    Tommy smiling

    10. Toby (Series 7)

    Toby looking annoyed

    9. Camilla (Series 3)

    Camilla smiling in the Beach Hut

    8. Megan (Series 4)

    Megan biting her finger as she talked to Wes

    7. Olivia (Series 3)

    Olivia talking in the beach hut

    6. Liberty (Series 7)

    Liberty smiling at the Casa Amor recoupling

    5. Ovie (Series 5)

    Ovie relaxing

    4. Chris (Series 3)

    Chris wearing some glasses

    3. Amber (Series 5)

    Amber smiling and holding a champagne glass

    2. Maura (Series 5)

    Maura looking confused

    1. And finally, Kem (Series 3)

    Kem cheering

    If you don't get that reference, watch this. Watch it a million times. Find a way to frame it and put it up in your living room.

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    Honorable Mentions:

    26. Nathan (Series 2)

    27. Jamie (Series 3)

    28. Cara (Series 2)

    29. Jack Fincham (Series 4)

    30. SiΓ’nnise (Series 6)

    Plus, shoutout to Anna (Series 5), who is mentioned a fair amount here.