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    26 Pictures That Sum Up The Difference Between Dating In London Vs. Cardiff

    In London it's like finding a needle in a haystack. In Cardiff it's more like a game of musical chairs between 20 very exhausted friends.

    1. In London, Tinder profiles are almost a form of performance art:

    In Cardiff, they're a little less showy:

    2. In London, there's almost too many options:

    In Cardiff, there's not so many:


    3. In London, you might go out to some hipster café for a first date:

    In Cardiff, you'll probably end up going to a less trendy place:

    4. In London, your drinks might not even arrive in a cup:

    In Cardiff, your coffee is likely to be a lot less conceptual:

    5. In London, you might move on to a date at Secret Cinema:

    In Cardiff, it's 2-for-1 cocktails at Buffalo Bar's sweaty student-favourite night out, Bump & Grind:

    6. In London, texts from bae might look like this:

    In Cardiff, they're usually a little less thrilling:

    7. In London, Netflix and chill revolves around Domino's:

    In Cardiff, cosy nights in are all about the chips and curry sauce:

    8. In London, Tinder is a way to connect with an unfathomable sea of strangers:

    In Cardiff, you probably already know everyone on there:


    9. This is what couple's #Goals look like in London:

    10. In Cardiff, they're a little more old-fashioned:

    11. In London, this is how girls get ready to go out at the weekend:

    In Cardiff, it's a more intense process:

    12. In London, this is what a group of single guys looks like:

    In Cardiff, single guys don't really try so hard:

    13. In London, when your carriage awaits it's probably an extortionate Uber:

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    In Cardiff, it's the last Arriva Train on the Valley line at 11:30pm:

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