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    16 Things From Cardiff That Will Make You Say "Fuck, Why Don't We Have That?"

    Where else can you walk past a lion and a Dalek on your way to work?

    1. The oldest record store in the world.

    Flickr: sheds / Creative Commons

    Spillers is the world's oldest record store, and they aren't shy about telling you. Why should they be?? Take THAT, literally everywhere else in the world.

    2. Rugby nights on St Mary Street.

    Flickr: ricklees / Creative Commons

    Much has been said about the festival atmosphere of rugby days in Cardiff, but at night is when things really get extra. Shoes may or may not be worn past 1am.

    3. Chippy Lane.

    4. Chapter Arts Centre.

    Flickr: 10579705@N08 / Creative Commons

    Chapter is the alternative hub of the city, boasting an artsy cinema, theatre, gallery, bar, and restaurant with epic sweet potato fries and cawl, as well as regular exhibitions and temporary works to see.

    5. So. Many. Flea. Markets.

    6. A secret bar that does Ernest Hemingway-themed cocktails.

    7. Or drink your cocktails in a yurt, if you prefer.

    8. This stunning Norwegian church:

    Flickr: ben_salter / Creative Commons

    Random? Yes. Gorgeous? ALSO YES. This pretty little place of worship was where Roald Dahl was baptised, which I think says enough.

    9. The first cat cafe in Wales.

    10. Marilyn Monroe cupcakes.

    All setup and ready to roll @RCMAmarkets this morning

    Via Twitter: @CupCakeCardiff

    Choose between everything from the legendary salted caramel to Marilyn Monroe and Greek-god themed cupcakes that'll leave you needing a serious lie down.

    11. The chance to travel with The Doctor.

    Flickr: magnus_d / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @stuart_lambon

    If you like Doctor Who, then Cardiff Bay boasts something you can't get anywhere else: The Doctor Who Experience. There's also more filming locations and more Doctor Who landmarks in Cardiff than in any other city.

    12. And Daleks are EVERYWHERE.

    Randomly saw a dalek on my way home from work today #exterminate #onlyincardiff

    Childhood dreams/nightmares come true.

    13. Actual giant Welsh cakes.

    14. Barry Island.

    Flickr: keppetreal / Creative Commons

    Okay, so not technically in Cardiff and not really an island, but this lovably retro pleasure beach – full of '90s fairground rides, Gavin and Stacey landmarks, and seagulls that WILL steal your burger straight out of its bun – is still pure class on a sunny day.

    15. The animal wall, otherwise known as Cardiff Zoo.

    Flickr: tms87 / Creative Commons

    Lions, tigers, and bears, plus a few other things. Spot some majestic creatures in the wild without fear of getting eaten, because they're all made of stone and covered in seagull poop.

    16. And possibly the best buskers ever.

    This guy on Queen Street is literally making music on old sauce pans and people are loving him #Cardiff…

    It's not unusual to see drama students performing an all-bins version of the national anthem or opera singers and harpists performing along The Hayes. It is the land of song, after all.

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