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Video Vibes: Six Impossible Things

It's that time of year when a lot of people feel unmotivated to do anything. We haven't shaken off the monotony of winter and daily habits. Spring hiding around the corner with our sense of wonder and zest for life. The band, Six Impossible Things, knows how life can be but they are getting out and about with new music and a video, "Diary." Maybe we can do six impossible things before breakfast too or at least listen to Six Impossible Things. How can you go wrong with a band influenced by "Alice in Wonderland"?

Holley Perry 8 months ago

Friday Favorite Video: TV COMA

If you guys haven't seen the video for "Have a Party" by TV COMA, then do yourselves a favor and watch it right now. This video might be the most accurate description of how life is going right now. Our Instagram account might make it look like we are happy but are we really? Most of us are like the drummer. I'm literally going to fall asleep on the keyboard at any moment. That bassist is dancing his sassy little ass off so he might be happy right now. Check out the video and find out how far one man's sass can go.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

Video Vibes: Danny Wright

Do you ever wonder what the "Downton Abbey" characters would be like if the show was set in the present time? I think that Barrow would have been better in the spotlight than in the shadows. He could have been a singer like Danny Wright if he existed now or at all. Whenever I watch the new "Nerves" video by Danny Wright, it reminds me that some people or fictional characters are ahead of their time.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

High Fidelity: Starbenders

Well, someone left the volume on the speakers on high. Luckily for me, the song that was playing was "Never Lie 2 Me" by Starbenders. It was an instant dance party. I mean after I picked myself off of the floor. If you are ready to get the party started, then check out Starbenders.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: Big Smile

The garage at my house is not really mine. It's totally a mancave with a small area for the Christmas tree. I usually imagine that if the garage was completely mine that local bands could play out there. Maybe even the neighbor's kids could come over and play a whole song instead of just the chorus. Someday they might even be as good as Big Smile and make their own video. So far, it's all just a dream, except for Big Smile. They are real and have a new video available for you right now.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

High Fidelity: Save The Best For Last

The definition of high fidelity is the reproduction of sound with not too much distortion. I don't know about you but I enjoy rock covers or pop songs. LA band, Lido Beach, has recently recorded a cover of "Save the Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams. You can listen to it here or on Spotify/iTunes/all digital outlets starting February 22. The pre-save link can be found here:

Holley Perry 9 months ago

Video Vibes: On The Frontline

What's your deepest secret? In this day and age, a lot of people post all of their secrets on the Internet. I only have one secret that I'm absolutely taking to the grave. Do you know who can keep a secret? Old people. I think they keep all of those secrets in their finished basements, like the basement in the "Deepest Secret" video by On the Frontline. You can check out the video here. Don't keep your love for the video a secret.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

Friday Favorite Video: Nicolas Rage

What makes you guys laugh? Puns and deadlines make me laugh. When my boss gives me a deadline, I cannot stop laughing but I keep it all inside. Whoever named the Calgary based band, Nicolas Rage, might be a comedic genius. They have a new video out today. Check it out at the link below. Stay laughing my friends.

Holley Perry 9 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: The Foxfires

The Foxfires are an oceanic indie rock band. I don't know how that is musically different from a landlocked indie rock band. However, every time you hear the Foxfires's song, "Slowdive," you might get the urge to go surfing or be a pirate. Consider yourself warned!

Holley Perry 10 months ago

Video Vibes: Puzzle Pieces

Does anyone else have trouble concentrating? It takes something pretty special for me to pay attention to anyone like my boss or my mom. I've watched this video by Puzzle Pieces several times. I would just like to say that I would love to be the Queen of Atlantis. Thanks for asking. See, I can totally pay attention. By the way, check out this video for "Seasick."

Holley Perry 10 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: Felicity

Like many of you, I've been stuck in the house with my kid for what seems like an eternity. Hey, I love my kid but we're all going a little stir crazy. Some of us just want an hour to finish watching "True Blood" or music videos without being interrupted every five minutes. If you need a suggestion for a music video, check out "Tough Luck" by Felicity. It's the story of our life right now.

Holley Perry 10 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: Luna Coast

Where was this song 25 years ago when I needed it? It's too late for me. I'm already jaded. I was probably jaded before members of this band were even born. Watch the new video, "Jaded," by Luna Coast. Will it save you from being stuck in a cycle of bad relationships? Maybe, Maybe not. But why chance it?

Holley Perry 10 months ago

Video Vibes: tHrOnE

The holidays are finally over. Now it's time for a new year, new us. It can be hard to face all of those resolutions. We may have set ourselves up to fail . . . again. It's so much easier to just watch videos or take a nap. The Connecticut band - tHronE- knows all about being unmotivated and being exhausted from doing nothing. They have a new lyric video for "The Fatigue" that you can watch right now while you are probably already watching YouTube.

Holley Perry 11 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: Dear Spring

Relationships are hard. I mean once you find a couple of friends, it takes work to maintain the friendships. You have to communicate beyond texting sometimes. You know like go hang out and talk to them in person. Anyway, the new video by Dear Spring, "Absent," is about how it feels to have a lack of connection with people. It's a pretty kickass song. Check it out ASAP. Reconnect with your friends while watching the video. It could be a thing again.

Holley Perry 12 months ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: Better Days

Well, I hope you are surviving this lovely Black Friday. I know that people have been in the stores almost non-stop since Thursday. It wasn't even Friday yet and people were battling over all kinds of stuff. Tis the season to fight for flatscreen TVs and other shiny things. If you have time before your next Black Friday battle, check out this video from Better Days. You might see a resemblance to some of those die-hard Thursday/Friday shoppers.

Holley Perry One year ago

Friday Favorite Video Premiere: The Stash

Welcome to the premiere of The Stash's video for "I Can't Feel." Is it possible to watch the video and be practically cured of your Seasonal Affective Disorder? No one can say for sure. However, the song is catchy and the skyline is beautiful. So it won't hurt to watch it a few hundred times. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have watched it about ten times this morning.

Holley Perry One year ago

Video Vibes: Zander

If you're not ready to let that summer feeling go quite yet, then check out the Rock Steady video by Zander.

Holley Perry One year ago

Video Vibes: Paris Monster

Paris Monster has released their latest video, "Hot Canyon Air," from their upcoming album, Lamplight.

Holley Perry One year ago

Friday Favorite Video: Sarah And The Safe Word

"You're Everything I Don't Need." It's like Sarah and the Safe Word is looking into my soul. The video is more risque than the videos that I've chosen before. However, I cannot resist listening to Gothic cabaret. I think these are my people.

Holley Perry One year ago

Winyl Podcast To Debut This Weekend

Best-selling author Anthony Bozza will be debuting his podcast, Winyl, at the Music Tastes Good Festival this weekend. Although Bozza will be talking with chefs and musicians on the podcast during the festival, he recently answered a few questions that I had about pumpkin spice wine and writing. Pumpkin spice wine is a real thing by the way.

Holley Perry One year ago