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    Music That People Send Me: The Dig

    People send me some cool music, like The Dig, on a regular basis.

    The Dig

    The Dig, natives of New York, have a new video for "Made My Bed" from their "You & I" album. I didn't know anything about this band before watching it. Someone sent me the link because they thought I would like it. I'm not surprised that they would think that I would like men dressed as women. I do enjoy the video for "Girls Chase Boys" quite a bit.

    For all I knew, The Dig could have been a band full of women. I'm always glad to find females in rock and roll bands.

    This was not the case. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter if they are chicks or dudes or chicks dressing like dudes and vice versa. As long as the music is good, then gender doesn't matter so much.

    If you get a chance, you should watch it. There are some really interesting dynamics. How weird and awesome would it be to make out with yourself?

    The Dig also answered a few of my questions about the video and what it really means.

    1. Did you get a different reaction from people on the set when you were dressed as women?

    At first, there was some laughter and catcalling etc. but after spending a little while in drag you start to forget how you're dressed and disappear into it a bit. We shot mostly at this bar called Lucy's in the lower east side. The owner Lucy is a wonderful, older Polish woman and we weren't sure how she was gonna react at first. She generously agreed to let us shoot there before she knew anything about the content of the video, but she got a real kick out of it and couldn't have been cooler. Maybe she's never seen 4 babes as smokin' hot as us in that place before.

    2. I was reading the lyrics about trying to be a man. What do you think it means to be a man?

    Wow. Thats a tough one. The lyric is coming from a place of being a guy in your late 20's and trying to figure that out. Could take your whole life to figure that one out.

    3. Do you have any comments about gender or transgender issues in general?

    I think it's amazing how far we've come on transgender issues, but at the same time it's kind of mind boggling when you consider gender identity and transgender issues have been around since people have been around and it's only recently that people are becoming aware of it on a mainstream level. That being said, the video isn't about gender identity and wasn't made to make any comment on transgender issues, it's more about narcissism and people being drawn to themselves.

    4. Was it strange at all to see your female self kiss or reject your male self?

    It was strange yes. But i kinda like it. Just kidding, it makes us laugh and cringe a little. We thought it would be fun to play around with how our female counterparts would receive us.

    And our drummer Mark got the short end of that stick, by a beautiful bald chick.

    P.S. I think you all looked lovely as women and men.

    Why thank you! That's the ultimate compliment!

    If you would like to see the video, this is the link.