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    Diet Cig: The Most Fun Band Ever

    They appreciate a good egg. Over-easy and scrambled please.

    Andrew Piccone

    Some people are blessed with personality. If they are lucky, they will find a kindred spirit. If they are truly blessed, they will be musically talented and start a band. In my opinion, Diet Cig is a band with a plethora of personality and talent. They might be the most energetic band on the planet.

    Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman met while Alex was looking for a lighter during Noah's set. She didn't find a lighter; however, they did find a kindred spirit and a band mate in each other.

    A few days ago, I talked to them, while they were driving somewhere in Virginia. Well, I talked to Alex and she relayed questions to Noah because he was driving. Safety first kids.

    1.How do you like your eggs?

    Alex: I like mine over easy. Not very exciting.

    Noah: Scrambled.

    Alex: I do really like quiche. Quiche is really like a really important egg family member.

    2.Do you play in your pajamas very often?

    Alex: I don't know if I've ever played in my pajamas. I have played in my underwear twice. The last time, a guy in DC – Matt Dunn, took a bunch of pictures. My butt was all over the internet. My mom called me and was like "Alex. Pants!"

    Maybe we write in our pajamas? No. We're mostly underwear people.

    3.You guys have so much energy. How do you keep up with yourselves?

    Alex: We drink a lot of coffee. And we get each other really excited. We want to to be the most exciting thing that you see ever.

    We have little sea monkeys inside of our bodies that are constantly doing the mamba. They kind of jack us up. I think that's really where that comes from.

    4.What would you say to people that take life too seriously?

    Alex: Just chill out. Come dance with me. You need to loosen up. That's how I'm bugging out I bust a move real quick. Shake it all out. Then you kind of feel a little better, feel a little goofier.

    5.What do you take seriously?

    Alex: Noah takes driving seriously. He is like the super driver/ chauffer/ limo man of every tour that we've been on. He is always driving. He's really good. He is the best parallel parker that I know. I've never seen someone parallel park a van with no windows with such ease and poise.

    I take my breakfast really seriously. Like back to the eggs, I get really bummed out if my eggs aren't overeasy – if someone overcooks them. I don't know if I really take much too seriously.

    I always have to be wearing the right socks. I don't know if it's more of like a tick. I always have to be wearing the right socks with the right shoes. I have certain socks to go with certain shoes. I take that very seriously. That's about it.

    6.Did you think that a casual project would turn into making records and going on tour?

    Oh no. Dave Grohl said this thing about how he wouldn't have named the Foo Fighters the Foo Fighters if he knew they were going to be big, which I kind of think is bullshit because he already was big from Nirvana. It's like come on, you know.

    But we joke about how we wouldn't have called it Diet Cig because we didn't think it would be big. It was like a super surprise. Noah thought of it. I wasn't obsessed with it at first but we just rolled with it. Other people liked it.

    I wanted to call it LeBron James Franco. He was not having it. All of friends were like no. It's so funny. Noah is obsessed with NBA basketball. I thought it would be perfect. So it was totally eliminated. Now thinking back, I'm totally glad we're not in a band named LeBron James Franco. It all worked out.

    7.Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?

    Alex: I'm really big on going to the Grand Canyon right now because it's somewhere that we're stopping on our trip. I want to write a ballad for the Grand Canyon at the Grand Canyon.

    Noah wants to be a commentator and analyst at an NBA finals game. He loves basketball.

    I also want to go be on those waterjetpacks that Kim Kardashian is always posting selfies from in the Bahamas. I would like to put my own liquid in it. I'd like to have yogurt or apple juice instead of water coming out my jetpack, instead of water.

    I'll have to write a nice bucketlist today and tweet it to you.

    8.What are the odds of playing a show in my backyard? It would be so much fun.
    In your backyard?

    I would love to play a show in your backyard! Noah will be flipping burgers and playing drums at the same time. We'll have the best backyard barbecue in the world!

    HP: We're moving so we'd like to have a "Wake the Rooster" party to tick off our neighbors. One of our neighbors has a rooster.

    Alex: A rooster? I'm still all about that endeavor. I've never been more about the concept of a barbeque endeavor than that one right there. It'll be awesome.

    9.Would you ever add another band member?

    We actually did on our first tour. We toured with Noah's other band, Earl Boykins. Their bass player is a really good friend of ours. We were like, "Let's try it. We have all of the stuff and you know the songs." We played like five shows with a bass player. It was fun because he's super dreamy. Like teen heartthrob looking. It totally added to our look. You couldn't stop looking at him. It's fun to just have a few of us. Maybe someday. It would be fun to get a jazzy saxophone player or something like that. Not for right now.

    10.Where do you NOT see yourself in ten years?

    Alex: I'm 19 years old. I turn 20 in a few days on July 25. So when I'm 30, I do not see myself . . . I don't see myself in Las Vegas. I'm a really unlucky person so I wouldn't end up there.

    Noah: Not in Brooklyn.

    Alex: Neither do I. I don't see myself driving a tractor trailer. I don't see myself as being married to a member of British royalty. Because eff that. I won't be there.

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