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21 Signs You Have Good Friends In Your Life

The proof is in the texts.

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1. They put up with your puns.

2. You can share anything with them.

3. They have their priorities in order.

4. They understand you.

5. You can call them whenever you need them.

6. They give you great pep talks.

7. They'll entertain all your foolishness.

8. And your drunk texts.

9. They're always supportive about your thirst situation.

10. They'll go to great lengths for you.

11. They call you out on your shit.

12. And you put up with theirs...

13. They're there to hear your rants about the gringa of the day.

14. They understand your values.

15. They share the wild thoughts with you that they wouldn't dare say aloud.

16. They understand when something is bothering you.

17. They plot diabolically with you.

18. You can honestly tell them anything.

19. Anything.

20. They understand your love language.

21. And despite all your stupid antics, they still put up with you.

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