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    Posted on Jul 30, 2014

    24 Reasons Wilhelmina Slater Gave You Life On "Ugly Betty"

    This queen slayed.

    1. She always knew how to make an entrance.

    2. She had her priorities straight.

    3. She was never hesitant about prioritizing her pleasure.

    4. She was always flossin' on 'em.

    5. She didn't take shit from anyone in her office.

    6. Her side-eye game was flawless.

    7. SLAYYYY.

    8. Her sense of perspective was just immaculate.

    9. She never spared sympathy.

    10. Her "I don't give a fuck" game was at level Rihanna.

    11. She was an evil genius you just had to admire.

    12. She always said what's on her mind.

    13. And was never afraid to pop off when people violated her space.

    14. She had a zero tolerance policy for everything.

    15. She was never about the superficial niceties.

    16. When she's not plotting to take over the world, she was having fun in her office with Mark.

    17. Or trying to hold it down for Betty. (Well, sometimes).

    18. Intimacy was not her forté.

    19. But she tried online dating once!

    20. She refused to be undermined by her age.

    21. She was fiercely independent.

    22. And always gave you diva realness.

    23. Her love for herself was truly inspirational.

    24. And she's basically always serving face.

    Ooo, kil 'em.

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