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26 Reasons To Give Your Life Over To The Glory That Is Idris Elba

He is perfection in human form, basically.

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1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Idris Elba? Just look at him.

Fred Duval/Stringer / Getty Images

2. Sure he's talented and stuff. But let's focus on what's really important.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

3. He knows how to rock a suit.

4. Just look at him dapping it up with Obama.

5. God bless you, Idris Elba's tailor.

Via Tumblr

6. But let's be honest: He could be wearing sweatpants and it wouldn't even matter.

7. Or dirty paint clothes.

8. He wore this to The Sopranos premiere and you know what? I ain't even mad.

Dad sandals be damned.
Lawrence Lucier/Stringer / Getty Images

Dad sandals be damned.

9. I don't even know what's happening here. Follow-up question: Does it even matter? NOPE.

Tim Whitby/Stringer / Getty Images

10. What even is this water coffin photo shoot? Actually nvm don't care.

11. Here he is in this janky Obama shirt. Sure. Sure, why not?

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

12. There are rumors that he could be the next Bond. Ummmm yes. Yes, please.

13. He also does all these other things. Oh, what's that? Is that Idris Elba and Lucy Liu jamming out on stage? Yes, yes it is.

Andy Sheppard/Redferns

14. He owns his own company.

15. He has a "devious personality," and you love it.

16. Also, he does this thing where he winks.

Gary Gershoff/WireImage / Getty Images

17. Literally the only man in the world who should be allowed to wink. So cheeky!

18. You just want to have a drink with him.

19. Or just kick it and play Guitar Hero with him.

Marsaili McGrath/Stringer / Getty Images

20. Or seduce him.

And stare lovingly into his eyes.

21. I mean, have you ever wanted to be Beyoncé more than when she was in Idris' arms in Obsessed?

Courtesy of Rainforest Films Studio

22. And can we talk about how he only had one sex scene in The Wire. ONE. What is wrong with humanity??

Courtesy of HBO / Via

23. And I would be remiss if I didn't alert you to this picture of him and this adorable puppy.

24. Or this......

25. *Faints*

Friday is my second favourite 'F' word ;)

Idris Elba


Friday is my second favourite 'F' word ;)

26. The only thing better than Idris Elba is two Idris Elbas!

Donato Sardella/WireImage / Getty Images

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