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The 33 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Person Of Color

Tumblr goes in, y'all.

1. On diversity in media:

2. On post-apocalyptic/alien invasion stories:

3. On interracial dating:

4. On white people trying to "find themselves":

5. On Columbusing:

6. On the Disney princesses:

7. On Harry Potter:

8. On gay pride:

9. On attraction:

10. On funding for films:

11. On Jesus:

12. On offensive jokes:

13. On Justin Bieber:

14. On feeling fetishized:

15. On white teens:

16. On "alternative" vs. "ghetto":

17. On "thinking of your race first":

18. On "getting over" offensive words:

19. On the Black Panthers:

20. On "black girls who smack their lips":

21. On "colorblind" logic:

22. On wanting to enjoy pop culture:

23. On systems:

24. On asian fetishes:

25. On anonymous white commenters on the internet:

26. On being drunk:

27. On LGBTQ equality:

28. On "black from the waist down":

29. On education:

30. On life:

31. On white people's reactions to being called racist:

32. On complaining:

33. And on people who say there are "bigger problems":