27 Hilarious Moments Of Stoner Logic

High logic at its most brilliant and stupid.

1. When you try to unlock your door:

2. When you accidentally did this:

3. When you’ve definitely been this person:

4. When you try to be slick:

5. When the characters of Wilfred spoke to you:

6. When you forget how bananas work:

7. When you are graced by the glory of good food:

8. When How High layed out this flawless logic:

Stoner logic

— Jay™ (@JayyyAria)

9. When you start cleaning:


— 0000y (@AboveAverageAN)

10. And catching up on other chores:

11. When you try to put eyedrops in:


— The Chief (@imoceangrown)

12. When brownies are involved:


— Jessica Verne (@jessicaavernne)

13. When you think you’re being a thoughtful roommate:

14. When this happens:

15. When you try to make cereal:

16. When you sometimes forget how drug tests work:

"@Ghetto_CNN: dammit Ricky " @gives16 he might be less intelligent than Clinton portis Lmao. #LoveIt #KushGotMeLike

— Kevin With A K (@ScooobyDubeDoo)

17. When you try to be deep:

18. And when you get too deep:

19. And it gets out of hand:

20. When you’re this high:

21. When you’re trying to be chill at the gas station:

22. When you were this goat:

23. When your munchies are out of control:

24. When you get real resourceful making grilled cheese:

25. When your texts are on another wavelength:

26. And your friends have to check in on you:

27. And, finally, when this happened:

kush had me like


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