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37 Signs You're Owning This Whole Being Broke Thing

No shame in the broke game.

1. You've developed a sophisticated palate.

2. And an equally sophisticated sense of fashion.

This is the closest you'll ever get to a designer T-shirt.

3. You holla for the Dolla Tree.

4. You know your limits.

5. You see opportunities where others may not.

6. In college, you pledged the esteemed Greek organization Broke Phi Broke.

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The alumni include such luminaries as Kanye West.

7. You had a love/hate relationship with the financial aid office.

8. You found ways to avoid buying textbooks.

9. You're always scouting for freebies.

10. You've learned how to be resourceful.

11. And get real creative with home improvement.

12. You are the king of making things stretch.

13. Seriously, you should win some type of medal for your craftiness.

14. You're a goddamn genius!

15. Under no circumstances do you splurge if it can be avoided.

16. Yet somehow you manage to go out...

17. ...because you're smart about it.

18. You can fully appreciate how glorious this moment is.

19. You're great at being self-reliant.

20. You've done actual math to figure out the cheapest way to get drunk.

21. And some scientific(?) research...

22. You know this moment so, so well.

23. Also, LOL what are "savings"??

24. You live life on the edge.

25. You know you're broke, but you also know the difference between being thrifty and being crazy.

26. You've developed a great sense of humor.

27. You go to great lengths to save a buck:

28. You dream about this day.

29. You don't have a smartphone but you're smart with your phone:

30. Every payday is a national holiday.

31. You're thinking about selling that wine rack your bougie friend got you.

32. You don't need to exercise, because your heart rate goes up every time you check your bank account.

33. Your vacations are memorable for different reasons.

34. You're so used to shit breaking, you just accept it when it happens.

35. This is how your nonbroke friends look when they say they don't have money to buy things:

36. You're the OG thrifter.

37. And you'll never forget the No. 1 rule of the broke commandments: