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27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class

"You know, I don't even see you as black."

1. You know this situation:

2. People told you you "sounded white."

3. Or they called you an "oreo" and just thought they were sooo clever and original.

4. This happened at every party you went to.

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5. You had to deal with all of the hella bold people around you using the n-word.

6. You somehow became everyone's go-to black person.

7. People asked you things like: "Do black people tan?"

8. "So what part of Africa are your parents from?"

9. "Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?"

10. "You know, I don't even really see you as black."

11. "She's pretty — for a black girl." / "He's cute — for a black guy."

12. "You look like [insert any black person here]."

13. There was that awkward moment in history class when you reached the topic of slavery and everyone turned to you:

14. Everyone assumed you were good at basketball.

15. Or asked you to teach them how to twerk.

16. People made all types of corny jokes around you.

17. Like jokes about fried chicken....which doesn't even make any sense because LITERALLY EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER LIKES FRIED CHICKEN.

18. You did your best to restrain yourself from strangling all the people that exaggeratedly snapped their neck your way.

19. It feels like you've met every variation of this person:

20. You also had to deal with all the super-angsty white liberals who felt like they had something to prove...

21. Everyone was perfectly comfortable sticking their fingers all up in your hair.

22. Doing makeovers at childhood sleepovers was always fun in a 50 Shades of Beige kind of way.

23. It sometimes felt like you were the only one who noticed things like this:

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24. Some people seemed to have missed that basic lesson in not all humans look the same exact way...

25. When college acceptance letters came out, people started whispering...

Meanwhile, you're like:

(But also secretly feeling super angsty about it...and for good reason!)

26. But despite life sometimes feeling like some long absurd joke that no one told you about...

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27. Nothing has stopped you from being a BAWSE.