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23 Signs You're The Stanley Of Your Office

You're in good company.

1. This is you.

2. Your coworkers are driving you crazy.

3. They really don't understand you.

4. And they continue to test your patience.

5. Really, really test your patience.

6. Your boss is on a whole other level.

Just a whole other level...

7. So you try to focus on what's important in life.

8. Or come up with little things to keep you entertained throughout the day.

9. You know, secret naps.

10. Secret pizza compartments.

11. Secret liquor.

12. You don't understand why people keep bothering you with things when your expressions clearly say how you feel.

13. When your boss tries to get you to *volunteer* for anything:

14. When someone tries to get you to do work they should be doing:

Or, alternatively.

15. When someone tries to get you to do anything over the weekend:

16. Whenever anyone tries to talk to you as you're leaving:

17. When someone tries to tell you not to be so grumpy:

18. Or to participate in any merry office activities:

19. But the great thing is now everyone has come to recognize your official role as office grump.

20. So go ahead and embrace it.

21. Marinate in it.

Just let it simmer.

22. Ignore the crazy, and celebrate what's important.

23. Because life is short — and it's good to be a Stanley.