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Instagram Pets That Don't Seem Enthusiastic About Christmas

I suppose Scrooge and the Grinch need company too.

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Where's Rudolph? These reindeer don't look too thrilled... / Via Instagram: @prodigalbird

That time where Mom dressed you up for Christmas? Pets don't like that either. / Via Instagram: @paddingtonandtrudeau
Advertisement / Via Instagram: @bluhojo

Who says Easter is the only holiday for rabbits?

These pets are not happy about this year's Christmas card blackmail... / Via Instagram: @clubdogue

Clearly these guys did NOT want to help decorate the tree... / Via Instagram: @laum0sh02

Taking photos with Santa doesn't just make kids uncomfortable... / Via Instagram: @steffrowan

And these pets would prefer to leave the holiday hats to the elves... / Via Instagram: @tay_dow
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