Why Lena Dunham Thanked Chad Lowe

A Hilary Swank reference and an old Twitter joke.

When Lena Dunham won a Golden Globe for Girls last night, she thanked Chad Lowe in her speech. But why?

In short: In 2000, when Hilary Swank won the Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry, she famously forgot to thank Lowe, her husband. When Dunham made a video with The New Yorker last summer, she forgot to thank Alex Karpovsky (who plays Ray on the show) and, in a tweet, likened it to the Swank-Lowe incident. Lowe responded and revealed himself as a Dunham fan, to which Dunham replied, vowing to mention him should she “ever” win an award. Six months later, here we are!

BTW, Lowe appears to have enjoyed the shoutout:

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