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    It Took Four Hours To Make The First Vine Resume

    Dawn Siff explains how she made her viral video resume using Vine.

    @dawnsiff #VineResume Why you should hire me, in 6 seconds!

    @dawnsiff #VineResume Why you should hire me, in 6 seconds! Dawn Siff

    Vine, the iPhone app that allows you to make six-second videos and upload them to a social network, has been used to capture fashion shows and to make a whole bunch of cat videos, but until today it hadn't been used a means of getting a job.

    Dawn Siff, a former political director for Fox News Radio, made a "resume Vine" in which she outlines some of her skills. People are calling it the first of its kind. (Naturally, since the app only launched a few weeks ago.)

    While the video seems whimsical and fun, it took Siff and some video producer friends around four hours to make. "We might have done 10 or 12 takes and a few practice rounds," she says. "We had to get the lighting right. We experimented with putting the iPhone on a tripod," she adds. She also went through three lightbulbs, which is one of the props in the video. The first two broke.

    Siff hasn't gotten any formal job offers yet, but people on Twitter have offered to put her in touch with potential employers. She says she's looking for a job "at the intersection of journalism, storytelling, digital media, new technology, and marketing."