25 Random Things That Happened At Fashion Week, According To Vine

Carbs were ingested! Models…existed! Video selfies are now a Thing! And Instagram is so, so very over.

1. This girl collapsed in her bed without reading her book.

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But who reads during fashion week? I mean really.

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2. People tried to act disinterested in free Maybelline makeup.

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But they took it anyway, duh.

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3. Models wearing black loitered at a fancy picnic table.

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This must have been one of those presentations that’s supposed to feel like “you’re just going over to a friend’s house.”

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4. Ladies that weren’t scarily thin modeled in a runway show.

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Diverse body types! It’s a miracle.

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5. This glass of champagne was idolized.

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6. People wore shoes they could barely walk in at Lincoln Center.

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7. Someone stood on a runway to sing and pump their arms up and down.

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8. This blond woman had to look really excited about bad trail mix.

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9. Korean pop stars, Kelly Cutrone, and Bryanboy all mingled before peasants at the Jeremy Scott show.

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Peasants who Vine, obviously.

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10. Erin Wasson (at least I think that’s her) made a hand motion at Miley Cyrus’s face.

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Backstage ANTICS!!!!

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11. This girl made an amazing ironic selfie.

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12. And ironically freaked out about her fashion week outfit.

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13. Karlie Kloss held a cardboard box in a room with a sign that said “NO STOP.”

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14. Someone rode a cab to Lincoln Center and felt compelled to share the experience.

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Cab ride vines might just be about as interesting as tweets that complain about traffic.

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15. This was tagged #nyfw for no reason.

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But seems fitting somehow, all the same.

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16. Someone wearing a shirt that said “SAVE [something]” sighed dramatically backstage.

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Red mylar balloons appeared before Valentine’s day arrived.

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17. Someone actually ate a carbohydrate-based snack.

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18. Models did yoga on a runway.

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They probably were just so sick of walking back and forth all the time.

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19. Metrosexually attired male models moshed.

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20. Four people worked together to affix a blond wig to a model’s head.

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21. Someone pretended to read the print edition of “Women’s Wear Daily.”

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22. A hockey game somehow tied to fashion week was held at a schmancy hotel.

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23. “I love to dress like a tall woman,” Jada Pinkett Smith said.

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Willow was sitting next to her.

(And yes, she really said that — put the sound on to hear it.)

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24. Someone made a fan Vine of static images of their favorite street style stars.

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25. A man wearing a headset touched all the models in the Diesel Black Gold Show.

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