The 23 Grossest Things You'll Find On Pinterest

    Pinterest is all about the pretty stuff: cute DIY ideas, vacation photos, dream weddings, and so on. But if you dig deep enough, you can indeed find some nasty things.

    1. A rat-shaped mullet.

    2. Chickens in a jacuzzi.

    3. A guy putting his arm and a Starbucks cup through his ear.

    4. Poop hats.

    5. Mountain Dew and Dorito cupcakes.

    6. Sushi with a cockroach in it.

    7. A creepy looking bug.

    8. A frog in a pickle jar.

    9. A ring made of human teeth.

    10. A foot cake.

    11. A doll with red hair that you can shave.

    12. An ear shaped like a heart.

    13. A face tattooed on a back of a guy's bald head.

    14. Shoes shaped like feet.

    15. Betty Crocker cake mix with antifreeze.

    16. A necklace that looks like food and poop.

    17. A guy with the number 3 shaved into his back.

    18. Slices of raw chicken.

    19. A fish stuffed inside a chicken, smoking a cigarette.

    20. A chin piercing that shows a girl's teeth and gums.

    21. A naked mole rat.

    22. A zippered tongue.

    23. Doritos mouthwash.