32 Signs You’re Addicted To Pinterest

Takes one to know one.

1. All lamps in your house have been replaced by mason jars.

ID: 424538

2. You know eggs look best inside pretty peppers.

ID: 424539

3. You would never eat your corn ON the cob.

ID: 424540

4. You “die” a lot.

ID: 424548

5. You tend to feel insecure about your ideas.

ID: 424541

6. You only wear your hair in a sock bun.

ID: 424547

7. Or unusual asymmetrical braids.

ID: 424543

8. Or side-of-the-head braids.

ID: 425422

9. You will definitely get married in a barn.

ID: 424566

10. Your bridesmaids dresses will be varying shades of nude.

ID: 424568

11. You really want to go to Paris.

Preferably with balloons.

ID: 424564

12. Or Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.

ID: 424556

13. Balloons will announce your child’s gender.

ID: 424544

14. If it’s a girl, she will wear only pillowcase dresses.

ID: 424542

15. And birthday cakes will be rainbow.

ID: 424546

16. You WILL have rainbow stairs.

ID: 424565

17. The only reason you own crayons is to melt them.

ID: 424641

18. You really love chevron.

For walls.

ID: 424550

19. For shower curtains.

ID: 424549

20. As nail art.

ID: 424551

21. On furniture.

ID: 424552

22. And cakes.


ID: 424555

23. Seriously, I get it. Chevron is awesome — especially on throw pillows.

ID: 424553

24. You never lose your bobby pins.

ID: 424554

25. You can make a mean sticky bun.

ID: 424557

26. You know sprinkles go best with cocktails.

ID: 424558

27. You only eat apple pie out of apples.

ID: 424561

28. And use pumpkins instead of ice buckets.

ID: 424563

29. Your cookies are always bowls.

ID: 424559

30. And your cupcakes are always inside ice cream cones.

ID: 424560

31. And finally, you might be addicted to Pinterest if you dream of a huge closet….

ID: 424700

32. But you don’t buy, you DIY.

ID: 424701

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