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    Scenes From A Real-Life Reenactment Of "Alice In Wonderland"

    The third annual Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party. Spotted: the Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat on stilts, and a LOT of hats.

    On Saturday afternoon, New York's Tompkins Square Park turned into a massive "Alice In Wonderland" reenactment.

    It was the third annual Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party.

    Some people had an actual tea party.

    There were big bowls of tea. Hopefully you remembered to bring a fancy cup.

    Most people had just had really wonderful hats.

    Alice was there, of course.

    So was the Queen of Hearts.

    And the Mad Hatter himself.

    There were huge hats.

    And tiny hats.



    And these amazing eyelashes.

    A number of women were on stilts.

    One of them was dressed as the Cheshire Cat.

    These people went with a kind of Steampunk interpretation. Very Tim Burton.

    While others went more Victorian.

    There was neon.

    And a lot of dancing.