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Was Kim Kardashian's Dress Too Tight Or Too Cheap?

It burst open right before her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. How it happened remains unclear, but we DO know she did not have to do the appearance wearing a shower curtain.

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Just before appearing on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Kim Kardashian tweeted this photo of her black leather dress tragically ripped open at the zipper.

The dress is reportedly by Valentino (the label could not confirm to Shift it was one of their own). Even if it's not in fact Valentino, it's probably quite expensive (it's all leather, after all) — yet it still ripped. So just because a dress costs a lot, that doesn't mean it won't rip in some dramatic, embarrassing fashion. Consider also the tale of a Fashionista editor who borrowed a designer dress for a fancy gala, only to have the seams burst open in front of Natalie Portman. Meanwhile, I have an H&M dress that I've been wearing for five years.

But just like her divorce, everything turned out okay for Kim: in time for the actual appearance she made it to the couch with her clothes intact. Because when you're Kim Kardashian, someone's always around to solve these problems for you.