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Gwen Stefani's 31 Most Memorable Hairstyles

Spanning from 1989 - 2012. You can do a lot with your hair in 23 years.

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1. July 27, 1989: The first — and last time — we saw Gwen with hair apparently au naturale.

She's performing at a beach party. I guess she and bleach hadn't found each other yet.


7. September 6, 1997: The first iteration of Gwen's signature style, which I like to call "hair clumping."

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

Peggy Wang previously dubbed them "hair turds." Feel free to add your name for this look in comments.


15. February 5, 2002: Asymmetrical pigtails.

Michael Caulfield / Getty Images

It's a look anyone could try, really. Not that you should because Gwen is probably the only one who can pull this off, but it looks easy enough.

17. March 12, 2003: Even Gavin Rossdale looked perplexed by this disheveled twist.

Foc Kan / Getty Images

Truly, the engineering and perfect proportions of what's up and down are to be marveled.


19. September 16, 2005: The pouf reaches intimidating proportions.

You'd want to add height, too, if you were in the presence of someone like Naomi Campbell, who likes to intimidate people and throw things.

21. May 1, 2009: Yet another variation on multiple buns.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Did you know that if you Google Image "multiple buns" Gwen is the first person to come up? Of course you did. You would never search that and expect food to be the first result.

22. September 25, 2009: The bun is tightly pulled and relegated to her frontal lobe.

Alphonso Chan / Getty Images

Shifty things, those hair clumps. It's unclear looking at this photo if she's got more buns we can't see (odds are she does) but it would be cool if that tight brioche by her forehead were the only one.


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