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    15 Reasons To Be Excited About Private Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest just announced that you can now make private boards and pins. Ah, the possibilities!

    1. You can plan a wedding your boyfriend doesn't know about.

    2. You can finally post your REAL Netflix queue.

    3. And the recipes you ACTUALLY want to make.

    4. It'll be a place for your REAL reading list.

    5. You can post all the potentially dangerous beauty treatments you want to try.

    6. And stuff your neighbors would raise their eyebrows at.

    7. At last, you can stop pretending you love cute puppies and make boards for the animals you REALLY love.

    8. You can post all the recipes you're embarrassed to need.

    9. And recipes you're embarrassed to be really excited about.

    10. You can hide the evidence of the massive cockroach problem in your house.

    11. At last, a home for your scary Hello Kitty paraphernalia collection.

    12. Not even pregnant? You can post frightening baby shower ideas and NO ONE WILL KNOW.

    13. Showcase your best fan art without your friends thinking you're a weirdo.

    14. And before you decide to fully endorse a fashion trend, you can mull it over in private.