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    13 Maps All New Yorkers Will Appreciate

    Don't give these to a tourist.

    1. This illustration of the miserable rollercoaster that is traveling to and from Jersey.


    Check out more of illustrator Christoph Niemann's brilliant maps here (or buy a print of it here.)

    2. This interpretation of the subway map as concentric circles. / Via

    By Max Roberts, a psychologist in the U.K. Check out his work here.

    3. If New York City were Middle Earth.

    As seen on The Colbert Report.

    4. This map of the country through the eyes of a New Yorker.

    5. This map showing what New Yorkers in different neighborhoods complain about most.

    Lots of graffiti in Williamsburg, street lights are never working in Staten Island. From NYU's Furman Center.

    6. This map made of hand-drawn directions from pedestrians.


    Artist Nobutaka Aozaki pretended to be a lost tourist, and combined all the directions he got into one map.

    He explains: "I ask various New York pedestrians to draw a map to direct me to another location. I connect and place these small maps based on actual geography in order to make them function as parts of a larger map."

    7. This movie map.

    8. And this other movie map.

    9. ExtendNY, which extends the Manhattan grid to the whole globe.

    L.A. is at 20,200 Street, Mumbai is at 74,723 Avenue. Play around with it (it's so fun!) at

    10. The ice cream map.

    11. Stefon's New York.

    12. This map of Bushwick if it were in Super Mario.


    Check out more of Ken's work here.

    13. And this map showing that as many people live in Nevada as they do in Brooklyn.